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Dinner at 7'00


When we lived in Germany, dinner at 7 was dinner at 7! We did our utmost to arrive on time at the guest’s home knowing we would loose points arriving too late. Equally we had sometimes guests coming to our place, arriving 5 minutes early, waiting in front of the door, observing their watch and ringing the bell at 7 sharp! All this in an effort to be polite and according to local customs. Very well.
Having lived in Belgium and now in France, dinner at 7 is different. Arriving at 7 is considered as being somewhat early and may cause some annoyance. My God, already there! Maybe the hostess is still busy with the last touch of lipstick or combing her hair.
In France and Belgium you are expected, say as of 15 minutes after 7.
Therefore dinner at 7 will be sometimes be formulated as “around 7” or “as of 7”, a clear hint that 7 sharp is not necessary, maybe not desired. Cultural difference!

Dinner at 7'00

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