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How much do you know about other cultures?


How much do you know about other cultures?

Check here your knowledge about some specific business manners in different countries and win!

Here the questions:
(you can answer with right/ wrong and choose the right answer in the multiple choices)

1. France: when do you start talking about business while you are having lunch with your French business Partner?
a) Appetizer / b) main course / c) dessert

2. USA: are you allowed to keep your hands under the table during the meal?

3. Italy: to order a cappuccino after the meal is usual for Italians.

4. In England is very elegant to wear a brown suit with a very colourful tie

5. In China you should:
a) eat and empty completely your plate / b) eat as long as you are hungry / c) always leave a little bit of food

6. Spain: it is considered good manner to drink very much with the business partner and after that walk along the street with him.

7. Russia: businesswomen are so emancipated that they do not like if you are play the gentleman.
8. Belgium: name 5 things for which this country is known

9. How much is the distance you have to keep if you talk with a Norwegian?
a) 10cm/ b) 50cm / c) 70 cm

10. Caipirinha is also an aperitif in Brazil

The right answers will be published on Nov. 10th on the Web

Take the unique opportunity to play with us, check your knowledge and win a professional coaching experience!

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